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Active Network is a technology and media company. It assists businesses to automate and simplify operations, management and participation, and is home to millions of people looking for things to do through its media properties. Active Network is one of the most powerful technology and marketing engines available to date [1].

The success of Active Network can be attributed to the fact that it caters for both businesses as well as the consumer. Businesses operate more efficiently due to the services Active Network provide, as well as having greater access to participants. Consumers can go to Active Network and find things they love, want and need to do.

“We believe in the power of community, the value of authenticity and strength of active living” [1].

Active Network’s event, participant and resource management solutions help organisations create efficient business operations and reduce overall costs. Potentially, organisations can increase attendance through having access to millions of engaged consumers as well as become more profitable through the integrated marketing services such as the online media properties.

“Active Network is where technology creates communities and communities create demand. Where organisers succeed, and the world gets active" [2].

Active Network serve a vast array of industries. The Sports industry is one of the main industries as Active Network provide tailored sports management software packages specifically for sports organisations and clubs. More than 10 of the largest US Sports associations rely on and utilise Active Network [1]. Therefore, it is the leading provider of technology for national sports governing bodies in the United States. Participating associations include Little League Baseball and United States Tennis Association.

There are many resources available on the Active Network website. Visitors can download the Iphone App, search current employment opportunities and read relevant news headlines. The website also features a 'activities near you' function where a person can enter their postcode to find activities close by. Active network are also connected through various social media avenues such as Facebook and Twitter.

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