Sport Innovation/Active Network/Active Network Charity Run

Charity events, especially charity runs and walks are becoming increasingly popular [1]. Active Network's running event management software is of great benefit for organisations as well as running clubs who are looking to organise a charity event. Non-for-profit organisations like 'Walk the Walk', 'Girls on the Run' and 'Race for the Cure' utilise Active Network's products and services.

Many people enjoy participating in local running events, especially when it is for charity. Charity runs provide more of a challenge in a friendly competitive environment, compared to charity walks, which are more of a social event and not as competitive.

Active Network provides specialised software needed to organize a charity run or walk. The software enables an organisation or charity to [2]:

  • Effectively develop, manage and promote online donations and fundraising
  • Increase awareness and drive participation with industry-leading event registration
  • Develop a strong web presence with customised and integrated fundraising websites
  • Reach ideal fundraiser with unique marketing opportunities designed for event and non-profit organisations
  • Improve efficiencies and simplify the volunteer recruitment and management process
  • Have access to fundraising support and management tools to ensure the success of the event
  • Provide training plans to participants

Charities organising smaller scale charity runs and walks use Active Network to its full potential. The event page is created through Active Network, where participants can register, donate and gain all information regarding the event. Events such as Austin Gorilla Run, Walk, Run, Wag 5K9 and MMRF Run Up have utilised Active Network's webpage services.

Charity events rely heavily on volunteers. Without volunteers, or adequate numbers of volunteers, many events do not run smoothly and fail to reach their full potential. Active Network simplify the volunteer recruitment process to attract people to volunteer, ensuring the charity event will be well organised and thus a success.


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