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The running event management software is part of the sports management solutions offered by Active Network. The software is targeted for organisers of 5 Km, 10 Km, charity walks and marathons. It helps organisers to efficiently manage the event as well as increase participant satisfaction.

Active Network has more than 12, 000 race director clients [1]. A forum is available specifically for these directors through the Active community-Event Director page. Here, organisers are able to have conversations with other event directors, ask questions and receive prompt responses.

Features of the software include;

  • Online registration
  • Payment processing
  • Online training plans
  • Fundraising tools
  • Merchandise sales
  • Flexible participant reporting

Furthermore, organisers can track race registration data and view financial reports from any computer as well as receive a free event listing on (the world's largest race calendar) [1].

The list below, provides a brief description of the running event management software provided by Active Network [2]:

Online race registration software; Allows the organisation to register participants online with no data entry

Donations and Fundraising; Allows the event to develop, manage and promote online donations and fundraising

Volunteer Management; This feature streamlines and simplifies the volunteer management process

Live Race results; Engages race spectators on the course and allows them to track participants from afar

Training Plans; Provide customisable online training plans and tools, will attract participants

Web Content Management; Ensures appealing, professional and up-to-date websites

Marketing Services; Allows the target market to be reached through unique marketing opportunities

Corporate Challenge; Increases event participation and extends reach into the community

Go Green Program; Active Network rewards those event directors who take eco-friendly steps to better the environment

Active Network have made alliances with several industry players including, and The running event management software can be tailored to each organisations or clubs specific needs, whether it is a large scale whole-city event, or a small regional running event.

Active Network also specialise in software solutions for Charity Runs and walks.

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