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The Tournament Management Software aims to help leagues, teams and sports clubs organize and administer efficiently their tournaments by reducing the paperwork and simplifying the workload [1].

The software enables tournament managers enhance participation through a high level of organization, event quality, marketing and word-of-mouth, implementing a variety of dynamic features:

  • Online Tournament Registration & Payment Processing

It allows building an attractive and tailored entry form while tracking participant data online, as well as collecting securely and directly from the website all tournament fees with major credit cards.

  • Free Custom Websites & Tournament Merchandise Sales

A friendly-user and free custom website offers the opportunity to create and design a platform that enables selling tournament merchandise online from the webstore, this way contributing to the increase of revenue.

  • Financial Management

Detailed financial reports can be viewed from any computer and consequently improve budgeting and forecasting.

  • Social Media Marketing

Full avenues of online marketing tools and an integrated email delivery system are utilized to communicate quickly and effectively with tournament participants. The social media marketing tool specifically allows building an online community and tracking participants' level of satisfaction by getting "liked" and "tweeted".

Clients get instant access to a free account and a payment fee is applied only if they opt to implement the system for their tournament.

References edit

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