Sport Innovation/Active Network/Summary Table

The following table synthesizes the main features and benefits of the various sports management software solutions offered by Active Network Australia.

League League managers, league players, coaches, teams, and parents - Online registration
- Online payment processing
- Free custom websites
- Merchandise sales
- Financial management
- Social media marketing
- Simplified and reduced workload
- Client/participant centered service
- Improvement of participants’ overall experience and satisfaction
- Repeat customers
- Word-of-mouth advertising
- Timely feedback and quality monitoring
- Free publicity on activities calendar
- Effective communication with participants
- Growth of online communities
- Athlete data tracking
- Robust and flexible attendee reports
- Off-season player engagement
- Free access account
- Free Test Drive
- Free system usage if Active's fee applied on participant.
Tournament Tournament managers, organisers, and participants
Football Football league managers, coaches, and football players
Rugby Rugby league managers, and rugby players
Sports Club Club managers, teams, and athletes
Cricket Cricket league managers
Tennis Tournament Tennis tournament managers and tennis players
Online Registration Forms Conferences, seminars, clubs, event organisers, sports leagues, endurance races, non-profit, and charity organizations
Sports Event Sports organizations, team/league managers, coaches, athletes, players, participants
Running Event Organisers of 5k, 10k, charity walks and marathons

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