RCA Open Source Application: ROSA Manual

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This RCA Open-source Application manual is intended to be a user's guide for the purposes of installing, configuring, and using the RCA (Resource Consumption Accounting) Open-source Application.

The goal behind developing the RCA Open-Source Application was to help introduce and demonstrate Resource Consumption Accounting concepts by building a model using an open-source business intelligence application called Palo For Excel.

Alta Via Consulting, LLC developed this interactive model to allow users to gain a better understanding of RCA through a direct hands-on application experience.

The purpose of this manual is threefold:

To introduce Resource Consumption Accounting conceptual design concepts.
To demonstrate how these concepts are applied in an open-source business model, namely the ROSA Base Database model.
To guide you through the configuration and development of your own RCA model using the ROSA Sample Database model.

What is an RCA (Resource Consumption Accounting) Model ?
Resource Consumption Accounting (RCA) is internationally recognized as the most mature approach to cost measurement. Now the power of RCA is available for business planning in an open-source application called ROSA. Please refer to the RCA Open Source Application (ROSA) wiki page for additional information.
To learn more about RCA link to the Resource Consumption Accounting wiki page.
Or visit the RCA Institute at RCA Institute.org.