Paper Mario/Party Members

Goombario edit

  • Headbonk (0 FP): Bonks single enemy, like Mario's jump.
  • Tattle (0 FP): Uncovers enemy's description and stats. Outside of battle, he can tell you about the people you meet and the places you visit.
  • Charge (1 FP): Boosts Headbonk attack by 2.
  • Multi-bonk (3 FP): Much like Mario's Power Bounce, bonks an enemy multiple times until he misses the action command.

Kooper edit

  • Shell Toss (0 FP): Attacks one enemy. Outside of battle, he can use this attack to flip switches, grab items and attack enemies.
  • Power Shell (3 FP): Attacks all enemies.
  • Dizzy Shell (4 FP): Makes enemies dizzy.
  • Fire Shell (5 FP): A fiery move that attacks all grounded enemies.

Bombette edit

  • Body Slam (0 FP): Charges at one grounded enemy.
  • Bomb (3 FP): Attacks one grounded enemy. Outside of battle, she can use this attack to flip switches, blow up fake/cracked walls and attack enemies.
  • Power Bomb (6 FP): Attacks all grounded enemies.
  • Mega Bomb (8 FP): Attacks grounded and airborne enemies.

Parakarry edit

  • Sky Dive (0 FP): Kicks one enemy while airborne.
  • Shell Shot (3 FP): Charges at one enemy while airborne.
  • Air Lift (3 FP): Lifts enemies out of battlefield. Outside of battle, Mario can use this attack to hover over short distances due to his (Mario's) weight.
  • Air Raid (6 FP): Flies around like crazy, inflicting damage to all enemies.

Lady Bow edit

  • Smack (0 FP): Smacks an enemy 5 times.
  • Outta Sight (2 FP): Makes Mario invulnerable to attacks. Outside of battle, she can use this attack to protect Mario from damage.
  • Spook (3 FP): Scares enemies away from battlefield.
  • Fan Smack (5 FP): Smacks an enemy 5 times with her fan.

Watt edit

  • Electro Dash (0 FP): Attacks one enemy, ignoring enemy's defense value.
  • Power Shock (2 FP): Paralyzes single enemy.
  • Turbo Charge (3 FP): Temporarily boosts Mario's attack power.
  • Mega Shock (5 FP): Paralyzes all enemies.

Sushie edit

  • Belly Flop (0 FP): Hop on one enemy.
  • Squirt (3 FP): Shoots water at one enemy.
  • Water Block (3 FP): Boosts Mario's defense.
  • Tidal Wave (6 FP): Launches water attacks against all enemies.

Spike/Lakilester edit

  • Spiny Flip (0 FP): Throws a Spiny Egg at one enemy.
  • Spiny Surge (4 FP): Throws a lot of Spiny Eggs at all enemies.
  • Cloud Nine (4 FP): Boosts Mario's evasion rate.
  • Hurricane (5 FP): Blows enemies out of the battlefield.