Paper Mario/Party Members/Lakilester

Lakilester can join Mario's party and aid him in his quest to find the seven star spirits.

Lakilester is a Lakitu who didn't like his name, so he changed his name to Spike. He looks like a normal Lakitu, only instead of three thin lines of hair, he has green spiked hair, and instead of round black-rimmed glasses, he has red-rimmed sunglasses with blue lens'.

He tries to act cool to impress others, but he often goofs up and make a fool of himself. The only person who is tolerant of Lakilester is Lakilulu, his girlfriend.

When Bowser assigned Huff n' Puff to guard Klever and take over Flower Fields, he assigned some Lakitus, including Lakilester, to help block the entrance to Cloudy Climb. Some Lakitus were assigned to create the cloud machine, while the low-ranked Lakitus had to fight Mario whenever they found him. Being a goof-up, Lakilester was branded as a low-ranked Lakitu.

Neither Lakilester or Lakilulu liked the idea of Lakilester fighting Mario, but Lakilester had no choice. So while patrolling Flower Fields, he found Mario and his party leaving the Sun Tower. He challenged the gang to a fight, but being the goof-up that he is, he lost. Lakilester was so embarrassed that he told Mario to finish him off, but before Mario could answer him, Lakilulu came to save him. Lakilulu asked Mario to forgive Lakilester and Mario obliged. Lakilulu thanked him, then Lakilester asked Mario what was he was fighting for. Mario explained the story so far, of Bowser's Star Rod, and that if he got his way, the Mushroom Kingdom's wishes would never be granted. Lakilester decided to join Mario's party, but Lakilulu refused. Lakilester said that he would be doing this for her, so Lakilulu finally gave in and let Lakilester join Mario. She threatened though, that if Lakilester caused her to worry, she would inflict pain upon him using Spinys.

Eventually, the party was able to destroy the cloud machine. Lakilester felt good about the achievement, so he offered to stay with Mario and his friends for a while longer.

During Mario's adventures, Lakilester proves to be a valuable party member. He can throw spiny eggs like normal Lakitus but also create a cloud for Mario, increasing his evasion. Also, by blowing a huge wind, he can blow away unwanted enemies. He can even hold Mario in his cloud and carry him over spikes and lava pits.