Paper Mario/Party Members/Goombario

Goombario is a Goomba and a big fan of Mario, with whom he joins forces. Goombario lives to the west of Toad Town along with his family and a single Toad in Goomba Village. The Goombas of his family break the stereotypical reputation of Goombas by being peaceful, intelligent, and friendly to Mario. Goombario himself wears a blue baseball cap, which, aside from his smile, is the only physical indication that he is not a typical Goomba.


  • Headbonk - Goombario will do a head stomp on the enemy.
  • Charge - Goombario will charge up and become more powerful for his next attack.
  • Multibonk - Goombario will repeatedly bounce off of the enemy, but only if the player uses the Action Command successfully.


Outside of Battle Goombario has the ability to give the player hints about the area and the people inhabiting it.

In battle, his Tattle ability gives the player specific information about the targeted enemy, including health (HP), Defense, and special characteristics.


Goombario is the first Goomba to be a playable character in any Mario game

Goombario's equivalent in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is Goombella, who have many abilities in common.

Goombario is a portmanteau of Goomba and Mario.