Paper Mario/Party Members/Parakarry

Parakarry is a fictional character from the Paper Mario universe. Parakarry is a paratroopa postman that delivers mail all over the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario meets Parakarry in Mt. Rugged where he asks Mario to help him find some of his letters and after Mario does find all the letters, he will join Mario's party.

Parakarry is the fourth playable character in the game. Outside of battle, Mario can use Parakarry's flying ability to fly over small gaps.


  • Sky Dive- Parakarry will fly up and then kick the enemy.
  • Shell Shot- Parakarry will hide in his shell and then launch himself at the enemy.
  • Air Lift- Parakarry will carry an enemy from the battle.
  • Air Raid- Parakarry flies all over the screen, hitting all enemies on the screen.