Paper Mario/Party Members/Sushie

Sushie is a fictional purple Cheep-Cheep from the Nintendo 64 game Paper Mario that was hired by the Yoshies to care of children on the island. Mario first met her when he first came to the Yoshi village watching over the five baby Yoshies however he left to Mt. Lavalava but came back to the village later after realizing that there was dead end. Mario came back to the village only to find that the Yoshies were in a state of crisis after the baby Yoshies had gone missing. Mario enters the Jade Jungle and finds Sushie on top of a tree where after Mario hammers the tree in order to get her of it, she'll explain that the children got lost in the jungle after playing hide and seek. Mario agrees to help her find the children and she'll temporarily join the party. After finding all five of them, Sushie will permanently stay with the party because she is very taken by romance of adventure.

Sushie is the seventh playable character in the game. When Mario standing on the edge of the wooden docks, Mario can jump on Sushie and she'll help him across the water and dive under obstacles in the way.


  • Belly Flop- Sushie will belly flop on an enemy.
  • Squirt- Sushie will squirt a powerful jet of water. Perfect for fire enemies.
  • Water Block- Sushie will create a cube of water that will boost Mario's defense briefly.
  • Tidal Wave- Sushie will swim madly to create a wave that washes all the enemies on screen.

Other Info.

Sushie has a granddaughter named Sashimie according to one of the letters she received from the postal service meaning that Sushie is grandmother and the first playable one ever in a Mario game.