Lucid Dreaming/Reality Checks/Vision



With the vision reality check, you check if your vision is at all different from the norm; for example, if you have perfect vision without wearing glasses.

As well as doing this regularly, you could also do it every time you put on your glasses.

Examples of this reality check working

  • I'm in a room, and my vision is blurry because I'm not wearing glasses. I notice a sheet of paper with writing on it sitting on a table on the other side of the room. I try to read it, but it's too blurry. I look at it again and it comes into focus. A second later, I wonder how I can see it without glasses, but then realize I must be dreaming.
  • My vision disagrees with my other senses. Under my bare feet I can see a white carpet and feel a smooth wood floor. I decide that what I'm seeing is a dream, what I'm feeling is real, and therefore I must be sleepwalking. (I wasn't...hmm, is this a success or a failure?)
  • When I move, the scenery at the edges of my vision doesn't exactly flow by. It freezes and skips like a streaming video on a slow connection. I realize this is happening because the scenery isn't real - I'm dreaming it.

Examples of this reality check failing

  • I "wake up" from a dream, and get out of bed, but then I notice that I can see perfectly even though I don't have my glasses on. I figure my vision must have improved from resting and forget about it.
  • I was in front of my computer, with my glasses on, and everything was blurry. At first, I thought my vision had improved, so I removed my glasses, but then, I started thinking that if I could clearly see what was on the computer screen, without my glasses, that would mean I was dreaming. However, as soon as I looked at the screen, a black rectangle appeared just in front of it, and I could not see what was on the screen. I woke up.