Lucid Dreaming/Reality Checks/Mirrors

Presentation edit

With the mirrors reality check, you check to see if you look normal in a mirror.

You could do this reality check every time you see a mirror.

Examples of this reality check working edit

  • I walk into a bathroom, and notice a mirror on the wall. I look in my reflection, and see that my hair's purple. My first thought is that I must have dyed my hair purple, but then I can't remember doing that, and realize that I must be dreaming.
  • The image of me was blurry, and I didn't recognize my face.
  • I looked into the mirror and appeared normal. I tried to change my face and it worked. My face got larger and then smaller.

Examples of this reality check failing edit

  • I'm in a shop selling costumes. I walk up to a mirror, and see that I'm dressed like a clown. I figure I'm trying on a clown costume, and continue on my way nonlucidly.
  • I'm walking down a hallway on the upper story of a building, and the floor suddenly collapses and I fall into a room of mirrors. I notice in my reflection that I have green skin, and figure that must be because I was so scared from the fall.