Lucid Dreaming/Glossary

See Cycle Adjustment Technique.
Cycle Adjustment Technique
Adjusting your sleep cycles to increase the likelihood of having a lucid dream.
See Dream character.
See Dream-Initiated Lucid Dream.
Dream character
Any character inside your dream. Some people believe they are real people or spirit guides, others that they're just products of the dreaming mind.
Dream-Initiated Lucid Dream
A lucid dream that begins during a "normal", non-lucid dream.
Dream recall
The ability to remember details of one's dreams.
Dream Result
Result from a reality check that indicates that one is dreaming. Ex: Breathing through your nose while pinching your nostrils.
The landscape and scenery of one's dreams.
Hypnagogic imagery
The images, sounds, etc. that you perceive as you fall asleep. Not to be confused with phosphenes.
See Erotically induced lucid dream
Erotically induced lucid dream
A lucid dream with sexual activity. They may trigger a real orgasm, a phenomenon know as nocturnal emission or wet dream.
See Hypnagogic imagery.
See Lucid dream.
See Lucid Induction of Lucid Dreams.
Lucid dream
A dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming.
Lucid Induction of Lucid Dreams
The technique in which you do something in a lucid dream that theoretically will remind you that you're dreaming in your next dream.
See Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams.
Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams
The technique in which you mentally repeat to yourself, as you fall asleep, your future intention to realize that you're dreaming.
Named Subconscious Technique
(See "Getting more help with MILD from your subconscious", in the forum links box in the MILD section.) This technique is a useful aid to the MILD and autosuggestion techniques where the dreamer actively engages his or her subconscious for dream results.
See Named Subconscious Technique.
A skilled lucid dreamer.
Patches of colour (usually red or blue) that you can constantly see while your eyes are closed.
Rapid Eye Movement
The stage of the sleep cycle that your most vivid dreams occur in.
See Reality check.
Reality check
A simple and quick method of determining if one is dreaming. Ex: Breathing with your nose shut, faulty light switches, etc.
Real-life result
A reality check result which indicates one is may not be dreaming. Ex: Being unable to will oneself to fly.
See Rapid Eye Movement.
Sleep paralysis (SP)
The body's natural phenomenon of paralyzing the limbs of the body while asleep. This may be experienced consciously, either by accident or during the WILD technique.
See Visual Induction of Lucid Dreams.
Visual Induction of Lucid Dreams
The technique in which you incubate a dream that reminds you to do a reality check and become lucid.
Vivid dream (VD)
A dream with a notably higher level of detail.
The technique in which you wake up for a bit after a few hours of sleep and go back to sleep again. Usually used in combination with other techniques.
Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream
A lucid dream triggered by consciously falling asleep.
See Wake-Back-To-Bed.
See Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream.