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Included booksEdit

The following books have been included in this wikibook (or we are working on it!), with permission of the author:

  • Andy Roberts' Getting to grips with Latex.
  • Not So Short Introduction to LaTex2e by Tobias Oetiker, Hubert Partl and Irene Hyna. We have contacted the authors by email asking for permission: they allowed us to use their material, but they never edited directly this wikibook. That book is released under the GPL, that is not compatible with the GFDL used here in Wikibooks. Anyway, we have the permission of the authors to use their work. You can freely copy text from that guide to here. If you find text on both the original book and here on Wikibooks, then that text is double licensed under GPL and GFDL. For more information about Tobias Oetiker and Hubert Partl, their websites are and respectively.
  • LaTeX Primer from the Indian TeX Users Group. Their document is released under the GNU Free Documentation License, the same as Wikibooks, so we can include parts of their document as we wish. In any case, we have contacted Indian TeX Users Group and they allowed us to do it.
  • David Wilkins' Getting started with LaTeX. The book is not released under any free license, but we have contacted the author asking him for the permission to use parts of his book on Wikibooks. He agreed: his work is still protected but you are allowed to copy the parts you want on this Wikibook. If you see text on both the original work and here, then that part (and only that part) is released under the terms of GFDL, like any other text here on Wikibooks.
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Wiki usersEdit

Major contributors to the book on Wikibooks are:

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