LaTeX/Academic Journals

When writing an academic paper, it usually follows a specific style guide such as the Modern Language Association's MLA style or the American Psychological Association's APA style.


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MLA style


For the MLA style, there is the mla package along with the mla class.

mla package


Documents formatted in the MLA style can be made using the mla package.

The following is an example MLA document (with blindtext):




\begin{mla}{Jane}{Doe}{Smith}{ENG 118}{2022-07-05}{My Paper}



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MLA class


There is also an MLA class.



\title{My paper}
\author{Jane Doe}
\professor{John Smith}
\course{ENG 118}





% end notes

% works cited page


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An example MLA document can be found in the repository under mla-example.tex

APA style


The APA class is also available, which may be used to write papers in the APA format.



\title{My paper}
\author{Jane Doe}




Rendering missing!

An example APA paper can be found in the package's repository under apaexample.tex