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  • Pukul berapa? -What time is it? (formal)
  • Jam berapa? - What time is it? (informal)

Tepat waktu - on time.

Indonesia uses 24-hour time format, so use pukul 20 instead of 8 pm. Because Indonesia is so large there are three time zones: West: Sumatra, Java and surroundings (Waktu Indonesia Barat <WIB>); Central: Bali and surroundings (Waktu Indonesia Tengah<WITA>); and East: Papua and surroundings (Waktu Indonesia Timur <WIT>). Each zone differs from the next by 1 hour. In spoken indonesian, 12 hour format is prefer to use and adding the time indicator after it.

Kata (Word) Arti (Meaning) Waktu / Kondisi

(Time / Condition)

Pagi morning Sun is already risen, but before 10am.
Siang noon Around noon. Usually 10am-2pm.
Sore afternoon Sun is still up, but after 2pm.
Malam night Sun must have set.
Dini hari midnight Rare to use, usually occur in movie or TV schedule
Subuh dawn around 3-5 am. Rare, usually to express "it is too early"


  • 6.00 am = 6:00 pagi
  • 11.00 am = 11:00 siang
  • 6.00 pm = 6:00 sore
  • 11.00 pm = 11:00 malam

"Jam" ("lit. clock") or "at time", often added before the time (e.g "pukul 6 pagi" means at 6 am) In written Indonesian, the 24-hour format is used.

Minutes edit

To say minutes, first, you say "the hours" then "kurang/lebih" (lit. less/more) then "the minutes". examples:

  • 6.11 = enam lebih sebelas (lit. six more eleven <minutes>)
  • 11.54 = duabelas kurang enam (lit. twelve less six <minutes>)

use only if the minutes not more or less than 15 minutes, see below.

use the word "setengah" to say half-hour


  • 6.30 = setengah tujuh (lit. half seven)
  • 11.30 = setengah dua belas (lit. half twelve)
  • 2.31 = setengah tiga lebih satu (lit. half three more one <minute>)
  • 4.25 = setengah lima kurang lima (lit. half five less five <minutes>)
  • 6.16 = setengah tujuh kurang empat belas (lit. half seven less fourteen <minutes>)

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0.01 Introduction  0.02 Learning Indonesian  0.03 The Alphabet  0.04 Pronunciation  0.05 Greetings  0.06 Formal Speech  0.07 How are you?  0.08 Numbers  0.09 Dates  0.10 Telling Time  Review  Test  

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