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Cara Pemakaian (Usage)Edit

I plan to structure this book so that for each lesson you will have the corresponding exercise. So, if you have finished lesson 1, do the exercise 1 before proceeding to lesson 2, and so forth. This is so that you fully understand the Indonesian.

I understand that it is pretty hard to illustrate simple concepts of Indonesian without knowing anything about it. So, my approach is to illustrate the most important basic components of Indonesian in the basic section. My suggestion is to skim the basic section and grasp a little bit about it and step up to the beginner section so that you can see these components in action.

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Introductory Lessons  

0.01 Introduction  0.02 Learning Indonesian  0.03 The Alphabet  0.04 Pronunciation  0.05 Greetings  0.06 Formal Speech  0.07 How are you?  0.08 Numbers  0.09 Dates  0.10 Telling Time  Review  Test  

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