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If a lesson, grammar page, appendix, ot text has been added or the name of an existing page has been changed, please update the print version.

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Roby Joehanes initiated this wikibook in 2003. However, unhappy with the collaboration in Wikibook, he resigned in late 2003. This wikibook is then developed by



The Indonesian textbook was started by Roby Joehanes

Edit: If you look at Robby Jo's profile, it states that he has given up contributing to WikiBooks Indonesia. Although he will be sorely missed [from this place], his presence is much needed. Either we petition for him to come back, or we continue this great Wiki from where he left off ~Cheetincheetah

Other Contributors:

  1. John Holdaway has made some modest additions and looks forward to doing more soon.
  2. Kunderemp has made some addition and looks forward to doing more soon
  3. Singkong2005
  4. Chaerani not an Indonesian linguist but a native Indonesian speaker, and will try to help out when the mood strikes. Currently reorganizing the book following the French standard.
  5. Tom Brinck is studying Indonesian and making proofreading corrections as he works his way through. (If you'll add content, I'll gladly clean it up and make it flow well.)
  6. Aldnonymous Native Indonesian speaker from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I usually translate things from en to id and vice versa on Translatewiki and Meta.
  • Feel free to add your (real or user) name to this list if you made any contributions to this book.

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