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Appendix 3 ~ Online Resources for German Language Students

Lists and directories to online resources edit

Über die deutsche Sprache - about German edit

Online Wörterbücher - Dictionary edit

Deutsch-Englisch (German-English) edit

Nur Deutsch - German only edit

Slideshows with pictures and pronunciations edit

Language courses German at the time of insertion there is only one file about fruit - I will try to add new ones every week-end.

Deutsche Grammatik und Rechtschreibung- German Grammar and Spelling edit

Aussprache - Pronunciation edit

Blogs edit

  • Deutschlernblog Tips for learning German. Site entirely in German.
  • DaF-Blog On German language and how to learn it. Parts of the Site are in English, but most of it in German.
  • Deutsch-Happen small, bite-sized snaps of German language for the advancing learner

Podcasts edit

from learners edit

for learners edit

Tandem edit

Tandem by E-Mail

The Mixxer Tandem via Skype

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