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Castle Neuschwanstein seen from the Marienbrücke


  I.0: Introduction – about this level, how to use this level, basic difficulties and facts about the German language, and levels of completion
  • Section I.A
  Lesson I.1: Wie heißt du? (1. Teil) – hellos/goodbyes, Mr. and Mrs., "Wie geht's?" .
  Lesson I.2: Wie heißt du? (2. Teil) – "Sie" and "du", subject pronouns, names, important verbs.
  Lesson I.3: Bitte buchstabieren Sie – alphabet, questions, articles.
  Review Section I.A – review of lessons 1-3
  • Section I.B
  Lesson I.4: Freizeit – sports and activities, preferences, numbers
  Lesson I.5: Geburtstag – telling time, times, dates and seasons.
  Lesson I.6: Essen – introduction to food, food-related verbs, intro to modals & möchten, kein-words, polite/formal conversation language, and "Schmeckt's?".
  Review Section I.B – review of lessons 4-6
  • Section I.C – Berlin, Germany
  Lesson I.7: Kleidung – articles of clothing, shopping, describing clothes, colors, introduction to separable verbs.
  Lesson I.8: Familie und Nationalität – family members, possessives, describing people, and expressing favorites.
  Lesson I.9: Schule – school subjects, a description of German schools, basic vocabulary in school classes (math, geography, etc.), and school supplies.
  Review Section I.C – review of lessons 7-9
  • Section I.D – Vienna, Austria
  Lesson I.10: Das Fest – dative case articles and pronouns, giving gifts, invitations to parties, snack food, and es gibt.
  Lesson I.11: Privileg und Verantwortung – making plans, places to go, tasks and jobs, more modals, commands, and weil & denn.
  Lesson I.12: Wetter – weather, methods of transportation, how to get places, how to give and get directions, and using wo like weil.
  Review Section I.D – review of lessons 10-12
  • Section I.E – Berne, Switzerland
  Lesson I.13: Zu Hause Essen – food one would find in a supermarket, making meals, meals of the day in Germany.
  Lesson I.14: Filme – movies, types of movies, "Was für...?", using mögen to express preference.
  Lesson I.15: Das Haus – furniture, describing stuff II, different materials used in furniture, position (acc./dat.) prepositions.
  Review Section I.E – review of lessons 13-15

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