Fractals/Computer graphic techniques/2D/grid

The domain has been discretized into a mesh and then rasterized to the image

Digital Region Boundary Tracing--start point


Digital image

  • binary image ( 1-bit color)[1]
  • grayscale image
  • color image



  • 2D
  • 3D
Elements of polygonal 3D mesh


  • regular mesh = Structured grid = global grid ( finite differences)
    • a quadrilateral grid is most common in structured grids
      • quadratic = rectangular mesh
    • a triangular mesh
      • "the Coxeter-Freudenthal triangulation. It is constructed by dividing space using a uniform cubic grid and the triangulation is obtained by subdividing each cube." [5][6]
    • hexagonal
  • An unstructured = irregular grid, adaptive grid, local grid ( fast marching methods)
    • Quadtree Grid
    • BSP tree
    • A triangular surface mesh is always quick and easy to create. It is most common in unstructured grids.

tilings by regular polygons: regular (=structured ) grid

Pixel connectivityEdit

Pixel connectivity in wikipedia


coordinate systemEdit

In geometry, a coordinate system is a system which uses one or more numbers (= coordinates) to uniquely determine the position of a point in the space[8]

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