Fractals/Computer graphic techniques/2D

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Software edit

All tasks (image processing[1]) can be done using:

One can use free graphic libraries:

Targets in graphics processing edit

Here are 3 targets / tasks:

  • graphic file (saving/ loading image)
  • memory array (processing image)
  • screen pixels (displaying image)

Memory array edit

Image in memory is a matrix:

  • A 24-bit color image is an (Width x Height x 3) matrix.
  • Gray-level and black-and-white images are of size (Width x Height).

The color depth of the image:

  • 8-bit for gray
  • 24 or 32-bit for color,
  • 1-bit for black and white.

Screen pixels edit

glxinfo | grep OpenGL
glxinfo | grep "direct rendering"

DRI edit

Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI2)[10]

References edit

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