Final Fantasy VII/Walkthrough/Temple of the Ancients

Sound of jungle drums and fly-swatting edit

So it's time to head out of the park and to the Temple of the Ancients. Your team consists now of Cloud, Aerith, and one more lucky winner.

It's seriously recommended to be around levels 35 to 40 at this point. I also recommend finding Big Guard enemy skill if you don't know it yet.

A good spot to train at this moment would be the island with the Temple of the Ancients itself. You can't miss it, once you get going with Tiny Bronco - go southeast of Gold Saucer and follow the island chains. The only annoying thing is that the island is inhabited by Slaps, who are... mosquitos. They cause the party to get poisoned, saddened, and berserkified, and cause just about as much damage as normal mosquitos in general. If you see them, drop the controller and come back in two hours. Once you've done that a few times, equip Tifa with Peace Ring and Odin materia. Or maybe Ifrit if you want to save your anger for the upcoming bosses.

Also stock up on Tents, Elixirs, and stuff like that. (There's no need for Tents inside the temple, but they're very useful if you're training up.)

The Temple edit

Aerith will have a fit once you reach the temple, which is quite understandable because her ancestors are around. A black-caped guy comes out and collapses. Eep...

Sephiroth is somewhere in the temple and at the entrance, you find out he has tickled Tseng with his sword. Tseng gives the Keystone to his (as we learn) old friend Aerith. With the help of the Keystone, you get in the temple.

The courtyard will look complicated, but it's really not - there's one correct path to go, and the temple guardian - an old man in a blue robe - will show you the way. Basically, use stairs and the vines and doorways and such. You can pick up Trident, Rocket Punch (Barret's dull weapon), Luck Plus materia, and Silver Rifle. There's one chest you can't get to right now, and one doorway you can't access.

At the end, you reach a door that leads to a single corridor with big stone wheels rolling through it. The wheels have a gap in them; the idea is obviously to run to the center of the corridor right where the gap happens to be, then run to the next wheel's gap, and so on. You'll get flattened if you fail, but don't sweat it.

In the end of the corridor, the stones somehow disappear, and Aerith and the Ancients will lead you to the pool and show you a vision about what happened a bit earlier. Grab the Morph materia from the ground - it's highly useful. Continue along the corridor, and the guardian waits there, giving you the option to restore HP and MP for free, or save the game.

Time Guardian edit

Press on and you find yourself in the Time Guardian's room - the Obligatory Clock Face Puzzle. (These are just as big in Japan as chessboard traps are in West.) You must use the clock hands to cross. The instructions on controlling the time are shown, they should be simple enough.

If you get knocked down from the hands, you end up in a small room where small dragons attack you. In that room there's a chest with the Nail Bat. The door leads back out.

Here's what happens in the various rooms.

Todo: the other rooms? This only has the notable ones. =)
XII The back door of the temple. You'll get here later.
I Enemy Encounter, Jemnezmy, Toxic Frog x2
II Dead End
III Enemy Encounter, 8 Eye x2
IIII A chest containing Princess Guard, Aerith's ultimate weapon.
V Leads to the inaccessible roof in the courtyard, with a chest containing Ribbon. This is a very rare item, be sure to grab it!
VI Toward the hall with the murals. This is where you should head once you're done. Check the other rooms first!
VII A chest containing Trumpet Shell, a weapon for Cait Sith.
VIII A chest containing a Megalixir.
IX Dead End
X Where you came from - back to the corridor with the pool.
XI Dead End

Mural hall edit

Once you head through the six o'clock door, you find yourself in a room with a lot of caves and locked double door.

The idea is to catch the temple guardian. You need to memorize where each passage seems to lead, and try to get yourself into the same corridor with the temple guardian. Or, you can cheat and just go in the same corridor each time - you're bound to collide sooner or later. The guardian, once again, gives you option to heal up or save. At the lower level of the maze is a gold chest containing Tifa's Work Glove. Don't forget to pick it up before moving on.

Once you head through the double doors, you find yourself in the mural hall. Sephiroth shows up, talks about his true plans, and makes Cloud seriously freak out too. Then, Sephiroth disappears. Time to reflect on the whole Sephrioth/Black Materia/etc thing here.

And eep... just as you get yourself lulled to safety of Long Cutscene with Nice Music, there's time to fight a creature. A big creature.

Red Dragon
Lv: 39, HP: 6800, MP: 300, Weaknesses: -, Strong against: Gravity, Absorbs: Fire
This fight is really simple if your characters are on adequate level as recommended earlier, toss Big Guard in, preferrably, and keep hammering the thing. The lizard barely has time to sneeze after you use Odin and some other big summons/spells - use everything but fire-based ones (Fire and Ifrit).

You get a Dragon Armlet, a really nice armor, and after the fight, you see Bahamut materia floating right in front of you. A big summon materia. Grab it!

Now, go back to the end of the mural hall. There's a model floating about. Shake it. Eep. Cait Sith calls you and offers to grab it while you run outside.

Heroic deeds for nothing edit

Head out, and the guardian is still here. Heal up and save. This would also be a good time to make sure Aeris doesn't have any unique armor equipped on her. Feel free to give her tons of good materia and an accessory, though. That is obviously needed here.

Now, the Time Guardian room has locked so that the only way is through the 12 o'clock door, which leads out of the place.

But if you're wondering why this wikibook took so long to write - well, suffice to say that I hate this following boss. I hate it. I hate hate hate hate hate...

Demon Gate
Lv: 45, HP: 10000, MP: 400, Weaknesses: -, Strong against: Gravity, Poison, Earth, Absorbs: -
...hate hate hate hate this boss. Okay, this is actually a winnable fight if you use Big Guard. The boss deals a LOT of physical damage, so the barriers are needed anyway - you basically have to Haste and Barrier everyone if you don't have Big Guard, which isn't a perfect solution since it takes longer. Under no circumstance think healing and reviving is underrated here, heal a lot, revive fallen fighters right away, and recklessly abuse Aerith's limit breaks to that end too. Bahamut is just about the only summon - or spell - that damages Demon Gate. Apart of that, use a lot of physical attacks. Limit breaks are good too (use Hyper to get all party members to Fury).

(I actually beat this boss on the first try when I'm playing the game as I'm writing the guide, but the point is, this boss is scary. It flattens the unprepared. Be wary.) Phew! If you beat that - congratulations, that was the hardest mandatory boss in the game! Seriously! But there'll be a lot more bosses ahead that will probably inspire you to swear a little bit more loudly...

Next comes a long cutscene where you first see Cait Sith get flattened, you get a hard-earned Black Materia, and... um... see Sephiroth take it. Or, rather, Cloud giving it to him.

Cloud freaks out, Cait Sith no. 2 shows up, Cloud faints, Aerith shows up in his dream, and as Cloud wakes from the nightmares (not for the first, or last, time in this game), Aerith... has... went... to... Forgotten Capital... in actuality... too. What a silly thoughtless flower girl!

On to...Sleeping Forest and the Forgotten Capital

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