Final Fantasy VII/Walkthrough/Sewers, the Train Graveyard, and the fall of Sector 7

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After the cutscene you splash down in the sewers. Talk to Tifa and Aerith to wake them up, but before you wake up the other of them, be sure to check up your healing and materia if necessary. Of course, Don Corneo wouldn't have thrown you into the sewers expecting the foul stench alone would have killed you!

Lv: 18, HP: 1800, MP: 0, Weaknesses: Fire, Strong against: Gravity, Absorbs: -
This is relatively easy fight still - just keep hammering away with limits, attacks and spells. Aps' sewer attacks are more of an annoyance than a real threat. In fact, he'll probably end up doing more damage to himself. One full-party healing should be enough (either take advantage of Aerith's limit break or use Restore+All combo to cast Cure on all party members.

There's a single notable item in the sewers, a Steal materia. Getting back to the surface after beating the boss should present no problems, the enemies are relatively weak.

Train graveyard


The train graveyard is easier than it looks. The only thing that probably confuses at first is that the train cars may have holes on their roof so figuring out where the items are is more difficult. Use the ladders and ramps and whatnot to cross to the other side. There's a Hi-Potion and Ether here, loose or in rain barrels.

On the other end of the train graveyard, the trains block your path. Hop on the nearest engine that has a door open. The engine will push one of the cars off the way. Then hop on the another engine, and the way clears.

TIPS: Give Tifa the steal materia since her DEX rating should be higher than Cloud and Aerith. On the second screen, you can steal ethers from Deenglows (the green flying creatures) and you can steal the Striking Staff for Aerith from Eligor, who looks kind of like a cross of Baraka from Mortal Kombat and a Centaur. The Striking Staff will not be sold in stores for a very LONG time (Junon).

The fall of Sector 7


The column is still standing! Regrettably, Wedge isn't, as he just fell down. Nor are Biggs and Jessie in much better condition a bit further up. Aerith scurries off to get Marlene from Tifa's bar. You can buy stuff from the merchant here. Save if you feel like.

Once you reach the top, Barret says that the enemies are coming by air and lets you get your Materia and equipment sorted out before they get closer. Get Barret equipped.

And then... oops, Reno shows up and calmly sets the hell bomb loose. Of course, fighting him does no good, but it always pays to try...

Lv: 17, HP: 1000, MP: 0, Weaknesses: -, Strong against: Gravity, Bolt, Absorbs: -
The red-tailed Turk is one of the recurring bosses, so don't think this will end here. Bolt only does half damage, but other elemental spells are pretty good. Reno's special attack is the Pyramid, which shields one of your characters in a gold pyramid. While a character is in the pyramid, they are considered knocked out, and if all three characters get enclosed, it's game over. To remove the pyramid, simply attack the character affected, and the pyramid will go away. His low HP makes this a relatively quick battle.

Reno will rush off at one point, and it's time for our characters to make for a quick escape. Barret will figure out how to use the hook cable, and off you go...

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