English for B2 Students/Unit 1

The World of EnglishEdit

Aim of this lesson: Practice some common questions and their replies and familiarise yourself with common adjectives and their dependent prepositions.   listen

English for B2 students Speaking • Unit 1
Common Questions  

Question Example answer
Where are you from? I'm from Hungary.
What languages do you speak I speak Hungarian and a little English.
What languages do you want to learn? I would like to learn Italian and Spanish because they are beautiful languages.
What languages did you study at school? When I was at school I studied German, and English.
What countries have you visited? I have visited Greece, and Croatia.....?

Grammar Focus - Answering QuestionsEdit

It is often difficult in English to know which tense to use when having a conversation with somebody. We often don't have time to think about the uses of each tense and then make a decision. Look again at the questions at the start of this unit. What tenses are the questions in? Now look at the answers given - what tenses are they in?

Responding to questionsEdit

  • Where are you from? Present Simple
  • I am from Ireland. Present Simple
  • What countries have you visited? Present Perfect
  • What languages did you study at school? "Past Tense"
  • I have visited France, Italy and Poland. Present Perfect

When speaking with someone it is important to listen to the question as this will help you phrase your answer. We generally use the same tense in our reply as in the question.

Vocabulary Focus - Adjectives with PrepositionsEdit

Wayne Rooney, Manchester United FC, England
  • I am interested in ancient history

Is it possible to say 'I am interested at...?' or 'I am interested on...?

Many adjectives are used with specific prepositions. It is important to learn many of the most common adjective + preposition pairs as this will make you sound much more natural.

Adjectives + PrepositionsEdit

English for B2 students Vocabulary • Unit 1
Adjectives & Prepositions  

Form Example
interested + in I am interested in history
good + at I am good at football
keen + on I am very keen on rock music
worry + about I am worried about my cat
scared + of I am scared of spiders

Speaking about yourselfEdit

Now that you've studied the grammar and vocabulary above you should practice answering these questions. Remember to listen to (or read) the questions carefully as this will help you phrase your answer.

  • What are you interested in?
  • What language do you want to learn?
  • What do you worry about?
  • What are you scared of?
  • What do you want to eat?


Try these questions to see if you can answer these questions and use adjectives correctly.

Complete the following sentences using the correct preposition:

  1. My sister's afraid ..... spiders and I'm scared ..... dogs.
My sister's afraid of spiders and I'm scared of dogs.

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