English for B2 Students/Progress Test 1

Progress Test for Units 1 to 6

Try these exercises without consulting the previous units. For answers click here. (Please write your answers on a printout, don't edit them into this page.) Good luck!!


Complete the following sentences using the most appropriate verb form:

Today has been a very long day so far. I ______ (travel) over 100 kilometres to visit my Auntie. Thankfully, now I _______ (rest) and ______ (eat) dinner before I continue with my journey. Tomorrow will also be a long day. I have to wake up at 6am because my train ______ (leave) at 7am. Then later I ______ (have) lunch with my Auntie. I love visiting my Auntie and have very happy memories. When I was a child we ________ (go) there every summer for two weeks but unfortunately I don't have time to visit as often nowadays.


Complete these sentences:

  1. Are you scared _____ anything?
  2. Have you ever ___ (=practiced) __ judo or karate?
  3. How many years has your auntie been married ___ your _____ ?
  4. Have you ever been _____ America?
  5. Have you ever taken your car on a _____ [boat which carries vehicles]?
  6. If you had €1,000,000, what ____ you buy?
  7. Where are you going _____ holiday this summer?
  8. When you were at school did you ever(= skip it) _____ _____ [not go to school because you didn't want to]?

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