English for B2 Students/Answers

Answers to exercises and testsEdit

Unit 1 AnswersEdit

  1. of, of
  2. TBC
  3. TBC
  4. TBC

Unit 2 AnswersEdit

  1. is smoking
  2. am studying
  3. have - use present simple to describe possession
  4. am meeting - use present continuous to describe future arrangements
  5. am having - have here describes an action so we use present continuous

Unit 3 AnswersEdit

  1. Have you ever eaten - we use present perfect because we mean at any time in your life
  2. went - we use past simple because we know when it happened: last year
  3. have never seen
  4. hasn't eaten - don't forget the third person s with he and she
  5. went - we use past simple because the question tells us when: last summer

Unit 4 AnswersEdit

  1. If I were very rich, I would stay in 5 star hotels.
  2. If I go out on Saturday, I will drink red wine.
  3. If I hadn't woken up this morning, I wouldn't have learned about conditionals.
  4. If I could choose any wife, I would choose Shakira.
  5. I will buy a new DVD if I get paid this week.

Unit 5 AnswersEdit

  1. I'm going - we use going to because it is a plan
  2. arrives - we can use present simple when talking about timetabled events
  3. will win - we usually use will to talk about predictions
  4. will you - for questions about unplanned events use will
  5. am going to visit

Unit 6 AnswersEdit

  1. used to
  2. usually
  3. used to or no longer
  4. usually
  5. no longer

Unit 7 AnswersEdit

Unit 8 AnswersEdit

  1. The burglars had escaped when the police arrived.
  2. When she arrived the party had finished.
  3. When they got to the hospital she had given birth.
  4. Before we came to London we had lived in 10 different cities.
  5. He had been on a plane so he was tired.

Unit 9 AnswersEdit

  1. to live
  2. to buy
  3. tell
  4. going
  5. to close

Unit 10 AnswersEdit

  1. I'm very sorry but you mustn't smoke here.
  2. Sir, you have to leave your passport at the reception.
  3. My doctor says that I shouldn't smoke.
  4. The bus was cancelled so we had to take the taxi.
  5. I don't have to go to work on Saturday because the office is closed.

Unit 11 AnswersEdit

  1. beautiful new striped
  2. long curly black

Unit 12 AnswersEdit

Test 1 AnswersEdit


  1. have travelled
  2. am resting
  3. [am] eating
  4. leaves
  5. will have
  6. went


  1. of
  2. done
  3. uncle
  4. to
  5. ferry
  6. would
  7. on
  8. play truant

Test 2 AnswersEdit

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