English for B2 Students/Notes

Welcome Editors!Edit

This book is a Wikibook therefore you are free to edit as you wish but please respect the outline and style that is in use. The book currently features 15 units each with a specific aim with regards to the grammar and vocabulary that they should teach. Before you edit a particular unit please see the Aims page for details of the aim of each lesson. It is hoped that this Wikibook can include as much multimedia (songs, listening exercises, reading texts and games) as possible so any help with creating such resources would be much appreciated.

Other pages to consultEdit

Also refer to the Introduction page so you have an idea about what is expected and who this Wikibook is intended for.

Remember that this Wikibook is designed for B2 students. These students usually have a firm foundation of English and are able to have conversations about most topics but they may still make many mistakes including basic mistakes. Don't make the grammar too easy but at the same time don't assume that the student will already know everything.

Format of Units in this bookEdit

  1. All units should begin with the title repeated (e.g. "The World of English").
  2. The aim of the lesson in terms of grammar and vocabulary should be stated next.
  3. Most units then follow with a dialogue exposing some of the language, a reading text or some speaking questions about the unit topic. Try to include multimedia resources like audio files where possible.
  4. The grammar of the lesson should be presented next. Use a nice table like {{English/B2/Table|Speaking|Common Questions||2}} and explain any exceptions or difficulties you think students might have. An alternative is to let the students work out the grammar for themselves but remember to provide a link to the answers somewhere so they can check.
  5. I usually like to add some speaking questions next as it provides a nice break from the grammar which can erode the mind!
  6. Don't forget to focus on the vocabulary of the lesson. You can present it in a table or allow the students to identify the correct definitions for themselves. See units already designed for some ideas.
  7. Every unit should end with at least 5 exercises testing the grammar or vocabulary of this lesson. Don't forget to add the answers to the Answers page.
  8. Add a link to some kind of Grammar Reference also. This could refer the students to the English/English in use Wikibook or another online grammar resource. Students often like to find out more.
  9. The {{English/B2/Lessons}} template should go at the bottom of every unit so that students can easily navigate the Wikibook. Also try to add some images to make the unit look a little more interesting.

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