English for B2 Students/Introduction

This book will be a text book designed for use by learners of English as a second language. It will be primarily aimed at B2 students. B2 denotes the 4th (of 6) stage of the Common European Framework, an internationally used standard for learning languages. This level is often referred to as Upper Intermediate or Pre-Advanced and students at this level often take the University of Cambridge FCE examination. For more information about CEF levels see here

This text book will be similar to many paper text books currently available such as English File, Inside Out and Language to Go. It will present topics in a step-by-step pattern focusing on key vocabulary, grammar, writing skills, spoken interaction and communication, listening skills and examination practice in preparation for the FCE examination. The book will emphasise the use of everyday English and use standards of English which are familiar to speakers of English around the world - basically this means that vocabulary and grammar of British/Irish and American English may be used although the emphasis will often be directed to the 'easier' standard or the standard that is considered most acceptable for the University of Cambridge examinations.

Contents of English for B2 studentsEdit

This book focuses on using English in everyday situations. Each unit of the book specialises in a particular part of grammar and a vocabulary topic. Units in this book make use of a variety of reading and listening texts. Each unit ends with practice exercises which should be attempted before the next unit is attempted. At the end of every 5 units there is a 'progress test' which revises grammar and vocabulary taught in the previous units. This book is designed to be read from start to finish however students may prefer to concentrate on a particular area of grammar or vocabulary. Please see the Aims page for detailed information about the contents of each unit.

The English languageEdit

The flags on the Contents page display countries where English is the main, or one of the main, language(s). The flags, from left to right, represent the following countries: The United Kingdom (original country of the English language), USA (largest English-speaking country), Canada (first language with French), South Africa (one of more than 10 official languages), Jamaica, Australia (largest English-speaking country in the southern hemisphere), Ireland, New Zealand.

As a native language English is spoken by over 350 million people but if all English speakers are included in this figure it totals well over a billion people across the globe. English is the language of business, one of the most common languages for music and films and one of the official languages of the United Nations and the European Union.

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