Cookbook:Pasta Marinata

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Pasta marinata (Italian for "marinaded dough") is a batter used when frying food.



  1. Mix the following ingredients well together: semolina flour, the yolks of two eggs, a little salt, and melted butter.
  2. Add the water so as to form a liquid substance.
  3. At the last add the whites of two eggs beaten up to a snow.

This will make a good paste for masking meat, fish, vegetables, or sweets which are to be fried in the Italian manner, but if for meat or vegetables add a few drops of vinegar or a little lemon juice.

Source: The Cook's Decameron: A Study In Taste, Containing Over Two Hundred Recipes For Italian Dishes from a project that puts out-of-copyright texts into the public domain. This is from a *very* old source, and reflects the cooking at the turn of the last century. Update as necessary.