Cookbook:Dambu Nama (Nigerian Shredded Meat)

Dambu Nama (Nigerian Shredded Meat)
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Dambu nama is a dish of fried shredded meat made with suya seasonings. It is a staple in northern Nigeria, commonly prepared during the Muslim Salah celebrations. Dambu can be eaten on its own as a snack or in combination with other dishes such as rice and fried eggs. Lamb, beef, and chicken can all be used.






  1. Cut beef into very large pieces, wash, and place in a big pot. Add chopped onions, tomatoes, peppers, salt, and bouillon cubes. Rub the seasonings into the meat.
  2. Cover the meat with water, and boil until all the liquid dries out. This act enables the meat to absorb all the added seasoning. Monitor the meat closely, and continue to add more hot water until meat is tender and the fibres peel off easily.
  3. Use a mortar or a mallet to pound the meat into a fibrous pulp. Add the suya spice, and work it into the pounded meat.
  4. Heat peanut oil in a large pan, and shallow fry the pounded meat for about 5–8 minutes. This is crucial to achieving the right texture. If the oil is too hot, it becomes too dry. If the oil is not hot enough, it soaks up too much oil. Test a small amount of the meat before frying the whole lot to make sure the seasoning is correct.
  5. Remove the freshly fried dambu from the oil, and remove excess fat by placing on clean kitchen towels.
  6. Serve.

Notes, tips, and variations

  • Use beef with less fat to have a better end result.
  • Use only fresh oil.
  • Frying removes moisture from the meat and makes the taste of salt more pronounced.
  • Store dambu in a zip-lock food bag to avoid drying out and avoid loss of flavours.
  • Save the oil used to fry the dambu, and reuse it.
  • Suya spice is a blend of uda, ehuru, garlic, ginger, bouillon, and peanut powder.