Cookbook:Surinamese Cassava and Coconut Dessert (Bojo)

Surinamese Cassava and Coconut Dessert (Bojo)
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Ingredients edit

Procedure edit

  1. Peel and grate the cassava. Grate the white coconut meat.
  2. Beat the eggs and sugar until firm. Add the vanilla and almond essence.
  3. Combine the eggs and sugar with the grated coconut and cassava.
  4. Add the cinnamon, milk, raisins and salt.
  5. Melt the butter and add it to the mixture.
  6. Rub the dish you want to use with butter or use Pam.
  7. Put the mixture in the dish. Put the dish in a pre-heated oven at 350°F (175°C). Bake the Bojo for about an hour. It needs to be firm on top but not dry on the inside.

Notes, tips, and variations edit

  • Sprinkle some cinnamon on top of the bojo before serving.