Cookbook:Amar's Chicken

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  1. Heat oil until quite hot (not smoking.)
  2. Add spices and bay leaf. Cook until seeds crack. (1-2 minutes.)
  3. Reduce heat.
  4. Add garlic and onion. Cook until tender & translucent.
  5. Reserve onion, garlic & spices into a side dish.
  6. Season chicken with salt & pepper. Roll in flour.
  7. Fry chicken. (Add oil if needed.)
  8. When chicken is almost done, add reserved onion/spice mixture.
  9. Add currants.
    – At this point, chicken may be cooled & frozen.
  10. To serve, add sour cream (or mixture of sour cream and yogurt) and simmer until chicken is tender and sauce has cooked down a little.
  11. Serve with Saffron Sweet Rice


  • After cooking, the spices continue to infuse the chicken and mellow the flavor. Refrigerating this dish for a day, then warming it, enhances its flavor!