Beyond Blender Render

Before we go any further with poetry or high hopes, we'd like to say that this book is for version 2.6 (.3) of Blender. It can be used for earlier versions, but the methods aren't guaranteed to work.


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Also we must assume that you have a working knowledge of Blender modelling as this book only covers the Blender Game Engine (also referred to as BGE and GE). For a better Blender knowledge you should look at Blender 3D: Noob to Pro. If you don't have this working knowledge of Blender, fear not! Use the Blend Notes on each page which will tell you how to do stuff and what that word means:

Blender Note:

Blender Notes: Notes For The Novice


Some Blender Notes may say Blender Note: For Everyone. That means that even if you already have Blender knowledge you should look at it.

To wiki editors with Blender experience: please write tutorials with clear names, and sort the pages under one of the headings. If it doesn't fit in any of them you should discuss the page, and in the mean time put the page link at the bottom of the index. We may sort some of the pages later. Please don't put a category in the name of a page. All tutorials should be for 2.6 or better and only for the BGE.

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BLENDER NOTE: For The Novice

These are notes for people with no previous knowledge of Blender.



BLENDER NOTE: For Everyone

These are notes on the BGE and therefore for everyone.




These are tips and tricks on how to get around problems, do nice things, etc..