Beyond Blender Render/A Destination

What Is A Destination? edit

A destination is a place you need to go in a game to win the said game. There are often obstacles in the way who are either there by coincidence and just like to squash, slash or in some way harm you, or don't want you to get to your destination. All great games have something like it. It could a checkered line in a racing game or an enemy that needs to be defeated. It's your decision.


BLENDER NOTE: For The Novice

What is a material? It's a data block on an object that stores things like whether that object is invisible, if it reflects, if it gives off light, etc.. Objects are also recognised in the BGE with their material. You don't need a material but it helps. For more info:


Now To Make It edit

Now let's have a destination. Find a nice place that the character must walk to. Add an empty there or maybe an object with great twists and turns. Make it obvious that you need to get to it or that it is of great importance in the game. Now make sure that the character has a material on it like Hero or Main Char or Char. This material will be used to figure out if the character has walked into the object.

Select the destination object. Now add a Touch Sensor, an And and a Scene Actuator. Connect them all. Now take the touch sensor and select the character's material in its field. This will detect when an object with the material [Character's Material] touches it.

Scenes Are What? edit


BLENDER NOTE: For The Novice

What are scenes? For ease you may go to this page for more information.


Now we must add a scene. Name it something like WIN or MWAH HA HA I WON or something like that. Wait. What are scenes for in the BGE? We know here.


BLENDER NOTE: For Everyone

A text object is basically text that can be seen in a render. You can scale, rotate and move it like a normal object but you can still edit it like text.

To edit the text in a text object select it and than press TAB. Write any thing you want like you do in a normal text editor. When you're done press TAB again.


We used Won for the scene name. Add some text in the Won scene and write some nice message.

Now head back to the gameplay scene. Select the destination object. Now let's compare our logic and correct it if necessary:

Let's set a new scene. Use this idea for any new scene.

Now let's save. This is important in Blender because it can occasionally crash. Save as much as possible and remember: Blender doesn't ask you if you want to save when you close!

Now start the game engine. Let's see what it's like.

Now this is boring! We need some obstacles! Well, let's make a landscape.


BLENDER NOTE: For The Novice

Can't model yet? See this article.