Beyond Blender Render/Scenes


Blender Note:

BLENDER NOTE: For The Novice

What are scenes? They are like different worlds in a .blend (that being the file format of Blender). You can use them for anything you think will work. To toggle your scene look at the pull down menu at the top of the window (generally with the text "scene" in it. You can add scenes from this menu and when there are more then one you may toggle between them.

What are scenes for? Here are the many uses:

HUD edit

Do you know what a HUD is? It stands for Heads Up Display and basically has your points, health or whatever you want to be told during gameplay. In Blender you create a separate scene for the HUD and get it to overlay on the gameplay. It looks like a normal HUD... because it is!

Too Bad, You Lost! edit

Don't you want consolation in a game when you lose? Add another scene and write something funny, sympathizing or weird.

Surprise, You Won! edit

If you won you want to be told that you have and maybe some of the variables giving you that win. Another scene and you're in business.

The Game Is Paused edit

You want pause menus? When you press the button it will bring up a scene that displays your options.