Beyond Blender Render/Lights, CAMERA, Action

In this chapter you will learn what a camera is for and what you need to do with it.

Why A Camera edit

The camera is how you move your view in the game. You will need it to run around with your character, do some nice cut-scenes and add overlay scenes.

You Could Do With A Camera edit


BLENDER NOTE: For The Novice

To add an object press SHIFT-A and select what type of object you want to make.



BLENDER NOTE: For Everyone

What is parenting? It basically means that one object will follow another. You can do this by select the to objects you want to parent making sure that the child object (the one you want to follow the other around) is selected first. Then go to the Object menu at the bottom of the 3D view and go to Parent>Set and select Object. Then confirm this move in the pop-up menu that comes up.


First add a camera. Next you can move it to a nice view of the character. Finally you can parent it to the character, making sure the character is the parent. That is one way.

That way will make the camera follow the character no matter what. It will remain firm and will look very un-smooth. You can add a slow parent and this is much preferred for it's ease and nice feel. But you can also use the Camera Actuator:

Get That Camera Fixed edit

Select your camera and add an Always, an And and a Camera Actuator. Connect them all. Now fiddle with the settings for the Camera Actuator. Play the game (by pressing P) and then correct the Camera Actuator until you find a nice setting that fits you. But for ease you can also just use this setting which, generally, works:

Good camera logic

Got your camera? Excellent. Now let's add A Destination.