Beyond Blender Render/Story's The Story

Why Do You Need A Story? edit

You don't NEED a story. It is there to give depth to the game, form a sort of mission. It makes a player want to play on. And it can make it more difficult to create a game. If you don't have a good story take mine and edit a bit to fit your needs.

Story Is The Heart Of A Game edit

Never mind the poetry. Let's get to it:

Everyone wants to fit in, to be cool, even to be admired.
You're the same. Since you were a baby you have wanted to prove yourself...
to your mother... to your father... to the [Insert the name of a council like "Martian high council"]!
So you set out on a quest!
For as long as you remember your civilization has been under threat from [Insert an evil name like "The Bachra"].
The [Insert the name of that council again] is helpless.
This will be your quest: DESTROY [Insert that evil name again in ALL CAPS]!
You set out on your quest on a dark [Insert a kind of weather like "Sunny Day"].
Your quest will take you far from your home but you are content.
This is what you have wanted to do since you first met The Cool Ones.
You will prove that you are strong... you will prove that you are smart...
you will prove that you are trust worthy...
An so here you are in the middle of the [Insert a location name], a loan figure walking.
Prepare for battle!

I don't necessarily WANT you to use this. Just if you have nothing better. The story is yours to license once you have finished editing. Just please reference it to Wikibooks: Beyond Blender Render.

More And More About Stories edit

If you're good at animating in Blender why not make some cut-scenes. These are small bits of animation that tell you about the story or tell you the way to go. It's always nice to do.