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You have already learnt the velars, palatals, retroflexes and dentals besides the vowel carriers and ਸ and ਹ. In this lesson we will learn the letters of the sixth row (ਪ ਵਰਗ) of Gurmukhi consisting the Labials. The Labials are articulated either with lips.

Sixth row of GurmukhiEdit

The letters of the sixth row of Gurmukhi are

ਪ ਫ ਬ ਭ ਮ

They are called ਪ - puppa, ਫ - phupha, ਬ - bubba, ਭ - bhubba and ਮ - mumma. Their pronunciation is ਪ - /p/, ਫ - /ph/, ਬ - /b/, ਭ - /bh/ and ਮ - /m/.
Each of them is explained below.

This is how words peach and pass are written in Gurmukhi
ਪੀ + ਚ = ਪੀਚ = peach
ਪਾ + ਸ = ਪਾਸ = pass
ਫ is equivalent to /ph/. For illustration of the use of ਫ see these example
ਫੋ + ਟੋ = ਫੋਟੋ = photo
NB : We have used /ph/ to denote that this sound which is produced by closing both lips (bilabial) is aspirated version of the plosive /p/. The English /f/ or /ph/ are in fact labio-dental fricatives. See Phonetics for more details.
ਬ is equivalent to /b/. The words bus and biscuit are written in Gurmukhi as
ਬੱ + ਸ = ਬੱਸ = bus
ਬਿ + ਸ + ਕੁ + ਟ = ਬਿਸਕੁਟ = biscuit
There is no equivalent of ਭ in English. ਭ sound is produced by combining ਪ with tone in initial position of a word and a tone with ਬ sound elsewhere. Here are some Punjabi examples.
ਭਾ + ਰ = ਭਾਰ /bhaar/ = weight
ਭਾ + ਗ = ਭਾਗ /bhaag/ = part
ਭਾ + ਲੂ = ਭਾਲੂ /bhaloo/ = bear
Let's now go to the last letter of this row which is ਮ and is equivalent to /m/. We have already seen Gurmukhi transcription of Pyjama(ਪ + ਜਾ + ਮਾ = ਪਜਾਮਾ) above which illustrates use of ਮ. Here are some examples.
ਮਿੰ + ਟ = ਮਿੰਟ /mint/ = minute
ਮੈ + ਨ = ਮੈਨ = man


1. Use Practice module to write the letters of the fifth row many times in your note book as you did earlier. You can click one of the letters below to go to relevant page of the practice module.

2. Read these English words written in Gurmukhi

  1. ਪਾਸ
  2. ਪੀਚ
  3. ਬੱਸ
  4. ਬੀਸਟ
  5. ਬੂਮ
  1. Pass
  2. Peach
  3. Bus
  4. Beast
  5. Boom

3. Write the following words in Gurmukhi and English.

  1. ਬਜਟ
  2. ਮੱਟਨ
  3. ਪਿਕਨਿਕ
  4. ਮੈਚ
  5. ਬੀਕ
  1. ਬਜਟ - Budget
  2. ਮੱਟਨ - Mutton
  3. ਪਿਕਨਿਕ - Picnic
  4. ਮੈਚ - Match
  5. ਬੀਕ - Beak

4. Write these English words in Gurmukhi

  1. Aim
  2. Boot
  3. Peach
  4. Pakistan
  5. Bharat
  6. Madam
  7. Matter
  8. Bucket
  9. Mikhail
  10. Concept
  1. ਏ + ਇ + ਮ = ਏਇਮ
  2. ਬੂ + ਟ = ਬੂਟ
  3. ਪੀ + ਚ = ਪੀਚ
  4. ਪਾ + ਕਿ + ਸ + ਤਾ + ਨ = ਪਾਕਿਸਤਾਨ
  5. ਭਾ + ਰ + ਤ = ਭਾਰਤ
  6. ਮੈ + ਡ + ਮ = ਮੈਡਮ
  7. ਮੈ + ਟ + ਰ = ਮੈਟਰ
  8. ਬੱ + ਕ + ਟ = ਬੱਕਟ
  9. ਮਿ + ਖਾ + ਇ + ਲ = ਮਿਖਾਇਲ
  10. ਕ + ਨ + ਸੈ + ਪ + ਟ = ਕਨਸੈਪਟ


In this lesson we have learnt the five letters of the second row of Gurmukhi script. These letter are ਪ puppa, ਫ phupha, ਬ bubba, ਭ bhubba and ਮ mumma. In the next lesson we will introduce the next five letters of Gurmukhi.

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