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Welcome to the German wikibook, a free textbook for learning the German language. As this book is still under development, you are invited to make any problems/suggestions known in our Discussion page. If you wish to contribute, feel free to see the Developer's page.

Deutschland - Germany  Switzerland  Austria 

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✓Did You Know?↓
German Language does not have any Present Continuous tense, only Present tense.

Well, here in the far west of germany, close to the dutch border we have present continues.


(edit template) German (discussion)

Lessons: 50%.svg Level I50%.svg Level II25%.svg Level III 25%.svg Level IV 25%.svg Level V
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(edit template) 50%.svg Level I Lessons (discussion)

100 percents.svg I.0 Introduction

Section I.A: 100 percents.svg I.1 Wie heißt du? (1. Teil)100 percents.svg I.2 Wie heißt du? (2. Teil)100 percents.svg I.3 Bitte buchstabieren Sie100 percents.svg Review Section I.A

Section I.B: 100 percents.svg I.4 Freizeit100 percents.svg I.5 Geburtstag100 percents.svg I.6 Essen25%.svg Review Section I.B

Section I.C: 50%.svg I.7 Kleidung50%.svg I.8 Familie und Nationalität25%.svg I.9 Schule25%.svg Review Section I.C

Section I.D: 25%.svg I.10 Das Fest25%.svg I.11 Privileg und Verantwortung25%.svg I.12 Wetter00%.svg Review Section I.D

Section I.E: 00%.svg I.13 Zu Hause essen00%.svg I.14 Filme00%.svg I.15 Das Haus00%.svg Review Section I.E

(edit template) 50%.svg Level II Lessons (discussion)

00%.svg II.0 Introduction

Section II.A: 75%.svg II.1 Einfache Gespräche75%.svg II.2 Fremde und Freunde 75%.svg II.3 Die Zahlen75%.svg II.4 Zürich75%.svg II.5 Wiederholung

Section II.B: 75%.svg II.6 Die Wohnung75%.svg II.7 Mathematik75%.svg II.8 Mein, Dein, Sein75%.svg II.9 Einkaufen gehen75%.svg II.10 Wiederholung

Section II.C: 75%.svg II.11 Verbtempus und Wortstellung100 percents.svg II.12 Fragewôrter25%.svg II.13 -00%.svg II.14 —00%.svg II.15 —

(edit template) 25%.svg Level III Lessons (discussion)

Section III.A: 75%.svg III.1 Markus studiert75%.svg III.2 Ein Gespräch75%.svg III.3 Keine Sorge!

Section III.B: 75%.svg III.4 Die Geschäftsleute75%.svg III.5 In Österreich75%.svg III.6 Tour de France

Section III.C: 00%.svg III.7 —00%.svg III.8 —00%.svg III.9 —

Section III.D: 75%.svg III.10 Das Ruhrgebiet00%.svg III.11 —00%.svg III.12 —

(edit template) 00%.svg Level IV Lessons (discussion)

00%.svg Section 1 ~ Kiel, Germany

Section IV.A: 00%.svg Lektion 1: Undeveloped00%.svg Lektion 2: Undeveloped00%.svg Lektion 3: Undeveloped00%.svg Wiederholung 1: Undeveloped

00%.svg Section 2 ~ Schaan, Liechtenstein

Section IV.B: 00%.svg Lektion 4: Undeveloped00%.svg Lektion 5: Undeveloped00%.svg Lektion 6: Undeveloped00%.svg Wiederholung 2: Undeveloped

00%.svg Section 3 ~ Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Section IV.C: 00%.svg Lektion 7: Undeveloped00%.svg Lektion 8: Undeveloped00%.svg Lektion 9: Undeveloped00%.svg Wiederholung 3: Undeveloped

(edit template) 00%.svg Level V Review Lessons (discussion)

Section V:
* 00%.svg Starting Point: Undeveloped00%.svg Berlin, Germany (II): Undeveloped00%.svg Vienna, Austria (III): Undeveloped
* 00%.svg Bern, Switzerland (IV): Undeveloped00%.svg Salzburg, Austria (V): Undeveloped00%.svg Zürich, Switzerland (VI): Undeveloped
00%.svg Hannover, Germany (VII): Undeveloped00%.svg Bonn, Germany (VIII): Undeveloped00%.svg Innsbruck, Austria (IX): Undeveloped
00%.svg Bavaria, Germany (X): Undeveloped00%.svg Kiel, Germany (XI): Undeveloped00%.svg Schaan, Liechtenstein (XII): Undeveloped
00%.svg Schaffhausen, Switzerland (XIII): Undeveloped00%.svg Deutschland, Österreich, und Schweiz (XIV): Undeveloped


75%.svg Adjectives and Adverbs50%.svg Alphabet25%.svg Cases75%.svg Nouns50%.svg Prepositions and Postpositions50%.svg Pronouns75%.svg Sentences75%.svg Verbs

(edit template) Appendices (discussion)

100% developed Alphabet50% developed Vocabulary50% developed Phrasebook75% developed Resources100% developed Names100% developed German History100% developed Nations of the World100% developed False Friends100% developed Numbers100% developed Keyboard Layout 100% developed Exercises


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