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Chiemsee, Bavaria, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Munich, Germany

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The German-English language textbook was started in October 2003. It was one of the first language textbooks at the English version of Wikibooks, following close on the heels of (and borrowing some layout ideas from) the Spanish language textbook then under development by Thomas Strohmann. Eric Guinther designed the cover and contents pages, expanding on a cover layout used for the Spanish textbook, and these ideas as introductions to language books have since been widely copied at Wikibooks (see Dutch, Norwegian, or Romanian for examples). However since then Hagindaz and German Men92 have established a highly templated style. Unfortunately, some of the plans of the latter have never been implemented, leaving the original Level II lessons inaccessible for several years while the Level I lessons contained too much vocabulary and grammar details to be very useful.

The current tasks are:

  • The Level I lessons should be revised, integrating problems and answers in the modules and establishing consistent table layouts. Moreover, several (if not all) of the Level I lessons have to be split into smaller lessons since they are far too large for an introductory course. (Maybe until middle of 2011.)
  • In parallel, the original Level II and Level III lessons should be restored. (Maybe until end of August 2010.)
  • Then the Level II and Level III lessons should be revised. (Maybe until end of 2011.)
  • Then the grammar and appendices should be revised. (Maybe until end of 2012.)
  • Once all this is done, new print versions and PDF versions should be produced. (Sometimes in 2013.)

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