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You can find richly illustrated educational books for children from birth to 12 years of age here. All our books are free to use and distribute.

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You can also help write books! You can share what you know, just click on the link that says "edit" and type in what you want to say. It is that easy! You can also:

  • Start a class project to write a new book or help develop our existing books.
  • Fact-check pages, and check pages for grammar, style, and spelling.
  • Tell us how we are doing on talk pages.
  • Monitor recent changes to Wikijunior.


There are more than a dozen Wikijunior books and hundreds of sections within those books being readied for publication (see all books)

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Discovery and innovation

The ElementsFun Science ExperimentsHow Things Work

The natural world

Big CatsBugsDinosaursHuman BodySolar System

Our world of people

Ancient CivilizationsEuropeKings and Queens of EnglandLanguagesSouth AmericaUnited States Charters of FreedomWorld at WorkWorld War II

School time

Geometry for Elementary School


Alphabet Animal AlphabetColorsFlower AlphabetFood AlphabetNumbers from 1 to 20Small Numbers


You can discuss the project at the Wikijunior talk page or one of the Wikibooks reading rooms to get a broader audience.

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Featured collaborations

We regularly feature a new book and highlight several others. Anyone is welcome to join the effort to get these promising titles underway and up to a publishable level.

WW2 Captured Flag.jpg
World War II

Explore the events of WWII.
Wikijunior: Current Book Collaboration

Please help to build this book.
Improve These Wikijunior Pages

How Things Work: Binary Numbers
Think that 1+1=10? Then this is the book for you!

Europe: Kosovo
Have you lived in, served in, or visited Kosovo? Why not help write this page?

The Elements: Magnesium
Help us write this page for kids interested in the elements!

Big Cats: Cheetah
The fastest animal on the planet!

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