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Fix computer-related bookshelves edit

I, User:Kernigh, am seeking a consensus on how to handle the six computer-related bookshelves. These are:

These are the concerns that I have:

  1. It seems there is some confusion over the difference between "Computing" and "Information technology". I decided that "Computing" was for using software and "Information technology" for other topics (currently certification and hardware). Thus, after my several recent edits to Computing bookshelf, mostly to sort books, I listed two books as "move to IT bookshelf", which are Embedded Systems: Theory, Design and Implementation and GCSE Short Course ICT. I have not moved the two books yet.
  2. I think that several books at the IT bookshelf (such as Computer Hacking, linked as "Hacking") actually belong at Computing. None of these books are actually at the IT bookshelf, they are only at Template:IT bookshelf. I would move Hacking, Use the Source (linked as "A Look at Open Source"), Web Design, and maybe Weblogs (is Weblogs about certification?) to Computing. I would move XML to Domain-specific languages, but there is already a book there linked as "XML" called Programming:XML. I would move Emulation to the Computer games bookshelf.
  3. I do not like that the Comp sci and IT bookshelves include books from the Programming and Domain-specific languages bookshelves. This causes a need for books to have titles and stages listed at three different places.
  4. The bookshelf policy and Wikibooks:All bookshelves have different lists. In particular, the all-bookshelves page does not know about the computer game bookshelf, while the policy page does not know about the programming and domain-specific languages bookshelves.
  5. The difference between "Computing" and "IT" is arbitrary.

This is what I suggest doing:

  1. Move books between Computing and IT as I described above.
  2. Remove the languages books from both the Computing and IT bookshelves.
  3. Remove the list of bookshelves from the policy and update the list at Wikibooks:All bookshelves.
  4. Clean the IT bookshelf so that anything listed on its template, that was not removed, is also listed on the bookshelf page.
  5. Create {{computer shelves}} with a list of the six bookshelves. (I currently have a list of three near the top of Wikibooks:Computing bookshelf.) Include the template near the top of the Computing and IT bookshelves so that users going to those more generic bookshelves will find the correct bookshelf.

I think that numbers 4 and 5 are easy, but 1 and 2 may confuse users that see books disappear and 3 requires changing a policy. Thus I am seeking comments and alternate options. --Kernigh 01:34, 24 October 2005 (UTC)[reply]