WikiSkills Handbook/Wiki Key Competencies

Wiki Key competencies

The relevant use of wikis in educational contexts would enable to develop a set Wiki Key Competencies, which are resumed below.

Key Wiki Competencies (KWC) Description
Creativity and innovation - Elaborate, refine, analyse and evaluate one's own ideas,
- develop and communicate new ideas to others effectively,
- Become open and responsive to new and diverse perspectives,
- View failure as an opportunity to learn.
Critical thinking, problem solving, decision making - Examine, analyse and evaluate ideas, arguments, and beliefs, and compare alternative points of view,
- Present arguments.
Learning to learn - Self-manage and reflect critically on learning processes, objects and purposes.
Communication - Express with clarity and awareness of audience and purpose,
- Write, read and understand in mother tongue,
- Write, read and understand in additional language,
- Monitor the writing process (from drafting to proofreading),
- Formulate arguments in a convincing manner.
Collaboration - Interact effectively with others,
- Read others’ contributions with patience and honesty,
- Work effectively in diverse teams, respecting social and cultural differences,
- Guide and lead others (teachers roles),
- Find where and how to contribute, and to put abilities at the service of a common objective.
Information literacy - Access and evaluate information critically and effectively,
- Manage information from a variety of sources,
- Apply a fundamental understanding of the ethical and legal issues,
- Know how to use the information creating or using the structure created in the wiki environment.
ICT literacy - Access and evaluate ICT tools critically and competently.
Citizenship, local and global - Display solidarity by contributing to the local or the wider community,
- Contribute to the construction of common goods.
Life and career - Adapt to change, operating in varied roles and responsibilities,
- Be flexible, incorporating feedback effectively and negotiating diverse views and beliefs to reach workable solutions.
Personal and social responsibility - Show interest in and respect for others,
- Be willing to overcome stereotypes and prejudices,
- Be open to compromise,
- Be sensitive to cultural differences,
- Resistance to stereotyping and positive attitude towards inter-cultural communication.

Table : The Wiki Key Competencies from the WikiSkills project :