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Learn more about the wiki culture through this selection of videos!

Introducing the wiki culture


Important Wikinomics concepts and tools


Free culture

  • Gween Seemel: Have you ever heard of artists giving away their work? Have a look on Gwen’s approach on sharing art and labor on In defense of imitation: - (tags: imitation, culture, art, copyright, free sharing, free culture)
  • Raphaël Rousseau: What are the different issues of free software and free culture? With both technological and philosophical language, Raphael is analyzing the evolution of free culture and free software movement, to introduce a key challenge of freedom at digital age : Free culture and Open Source : state of the art - (tags: free culture, free software, open source, web, digital world)

Free software

  • Richard Stallman: You think free open source is something not so important for our societies? Free software and free society presented by Richard Stallman - (tags: free software, four freedoms, control, abuse, open source)
  • Tristan Nitot: Can free software be spread to the area of smartphones? In July 2011, within Mozilla team Tristan Nitot co-launched Firefox OS, a free-software operating system for smartphones that could bring the Web to the next billion people with unexpensive ($25) smartphones. Firefox OS – freedom for smartphones? - (tags: free software, smartphones, firefox)
  • Alexis Kauffmann: How free software can be useful for culture and community? From Rome, Alexis co-created framasoft, which became the main network of sharing educational tools under free license. La route est longue mais la voie est libre - (tags: free software, digital freedom, collaboration, framasoft, sharing)

Open government and net neutrality

  • Thanasis Priftis: Should governments understand open politics ? An example of open governance actions. Ever tried to "open a government?" - (tags: open government, democracy, public information, transparency)
  • Matteo Mazzeri: Can internet be neutral and how? Believer of the importance of a free internet in our society to continue the positive change, Matteo gives us a user perspective of net neutrality: Why I need net neutrality - (tags: net neutrality, internet, communication, open government, open access, innovation)



Experiences on Wikinomics entrepreunership

  • Jacopo Amistami: How technology can be associated to ecology? Jacopo presents the Open Source Ecology (OSE) project for the development and distribution on web, by Open Source means, of a modular and ecological kit of 50 industrial machine that anybody can download and build on its own, the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS). Open Source Ecology Italy, scrum methodology for a civilization starter kit - (tags: ecology, open source, scrum methodology)
  • Olivier le Deuff :What is the use of the digital humanities? Olivier presents us the digital humanities and how the eCulture changes the academical structures. Les humanités et le numérique, le temps des métamorphoses - (tags: digital humanities, mutations, access to information)
  • David Fayon: Could the theory of Darwin be applied to the world of business? David Fayon suggests a darwinian perspective of the evolution from company 1.0 to company 2.0. De l’entreprise 1.0 à l’entreprise 2.0… une mutation darwinienne - (tags: evolution, entrepreunership, collaborative culture, collaborative tools, web 2.0)

Have Fun!

  • Cyprien – Twitter: Discover a funny caricature of twitter and our different uses of it. Twitter (français)
  • Cyprien – Les geeks: Do you have all the features of a typical and real geek? Les Geeks (français)
  • 24 heures sans internet: Imagine how would be the world without internet for 24 hours …
  • Email in real life: Discover how our email discussions would look like in real life.
  • Cyprien – Facebook: Cyprien suggests us a funny and ironical vision of facebook. (français)

Collaborative and sustainable social development

  • Smala Ecopol – Soirée du 28 septembre 2013
  • Claude Béglé: Why is humanism so important? : Claude Béglé shares with us his experiences after having travelled and worked in about a hundred countries. L'audace de l'humanisme.


  • Jacques Vallée: Do “impossible futures” exist already as complex new forms of political power? Learn more on the Internet as a tool and a victim of this global mutation : The age of impossible, anticipating discontinuous futures.
  • James Devine: How to crowfund a particle detector? This amazing engineer explains how we are continuously bombarded by radiation from space. He shares his idea of developing an open source networked detector for these cosmic rays, creating a massive cosmic ray telescope and empowering citizens to take part in the scientific process.
  • Bruce Benamran: Ideas worth spreading. Bruce shares his transformation from curious viewer to active producer of videos on the web.