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This handbook is meant to be a practical guide to help educators of all type (teachers, trainers) bring their public in using wikis and wiki-like tools for their learning activities, through the use of customized wiki-based learning scenarios, for their socio-professional development.

The handbook has been developed in the context of the WikiSkills European project, which aims to apply the benefits of wikis to promote educational lifelong learning opportunities.
The project's goals are the following:

  • Provide opportunities for meaningful collaborative learning activities;
  • Promote digital literacy, as well as social skills, writing skills and critical thinking;
  • Develop a sustainable virtual community of practice among the different project countries;
  • Enable educational communities to contribute to the actual information society;
  • Empower civic behaviours, social inclusion, employability and cultural understanding.
  • WikiSkills promotes innovative pedagogical approaches that foster creativity, competitiveness, employability and entrepreneurial spirit, equity, social cohesion and active citizenship.

Table of contentsEdit

This handbook is structured in several parts.

  • Wiki culture and application to learning contexts introduces the main concepts around wiki culture, and specifically describes its application to learning contexts;
  • The WikiSkills training approach will describe the approach we propose within the WikiSkills concept;
  • The WikiSkills training curriculum will describe the process of developing a training curriculum using wikis, from the prerequisite of the training session till the evaluation/assessment of the session. We consider essential to focus mostly on learning while doing, since theoretical training is not successful in a sustainable way. The major challenge is that each beneficiary has a different level of ICT literacy (technical use) and ICT fluency (adopting efficient behaviour in digital environments). Therefore we try to provide concrete guidelines, based on learning wikis while using wikis, to be used within all training activities related to wiki and collaborative digital culture (alias eCulture);
  • Training scenarios will provide some examples of detailed training scenarios;
  • The tools we use introduces the technical environment proposed within the WikiSkills project. Feel free to add suggestions of other environments!
  • Toolkit of useful resources provides a toolkit of useful resources, i.e. links and readings of interest for readers aiming to get a deeper understanding of the use of wikis in education, guidelines for teachers, educational video and a FAQ. The FAQ addresses questions that end-users may have depending on his/her daily context. The FAQ aims at answering on the how-to’s and also at removing fears and obstacles that users may have when they are in situation of managing change for/via wiki solutions within their organization, network or daily life. it intends to provide resources for trainers to offer to the consideration of the final trainer when facing his students.

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