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WikiSkills Handbook

Empowering and fostering social, professional, cultural and civic skills through pedagogical use of Wiki technologies and methodologies

This document has been published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike (cc-by-sa 3.0)

Authors and contributors of this handbookEdit

This handbook has been produced thanks to the contributions of the following :

Editors of the Handbook:

  • Florence Devouard and Theo Bondolfi (

Writers of the Handbook:

  • Florence Devouard
  • Frédérique Frossard
  • Mario Barajas
  • Miguel Alarcón
  • Anna Bauer
  • Theo Bondolfi

Scenarios and other contributions (surveys, training sessions, technical support, quality control etc.)

  • Pascal Echardour and Yves Boisselier (MAC TEAM)
  • Frédérique Frossard and Mario Barajas (University of Barcelona)
  • José Manuel Abuín and Maria Malmierca (CESGA)
  • Anna Bauer and Leonard Wallentin (Wikimedia Sverige)
  • Argiris tzikopoulos (Ellinogermaniki Agogi)
  • Jenifer Ziegler (die Berater)
  • Florence Devouard and Theo Bondolfi (
  • Miguel Alarcón (heig-vd)


  • Frédérique Frossard




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