Welcome to the VirtualBox wikibook! Here we'll guide you through the installation and use of operating systems in a "virtual machine" that is sandboxed and hardware-accelerated using Oracle VM VirtualBox, an open-source hypervisor currently being developed by Oracle (formerly Sun Microsystems). It's written with the expectation that readers already know the basics of using their computer. We hope you find it useful, or at least informative, in your journey to working with virtual machines.

This book applies to version 5.2 and newer of Oracle VM VirtualBox.

VirtualBox has an official manual with up-to-date technical documentation available to read on their website. You can read it with the same web browser you use to access this wikibook online. As per the goals of a public wiki, you are free to contribute to this book with updates and additional information.

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While we, the maintainers of this book, strive to future-proof our texts, things can change and in the software industry, change happens often and quickly before writers have a chance to catch up. For example, much of this book was originally written when VirtualBox was licensed under the PUEL with an alternate Open-Source Edition licensed under GPLv2. Since version 4 in December 2010, the software is distributed under the GPL2 license, and the main website instead links to the Extension Pack which is licensed under the PUEL.