VirtualBox/Guest Additions/Windows

Here we install the Guest Additions[1].

  1. Go to the host operating system. At the top of the VM window, choose Devices >> "Insert Guest Additions CD image...". Then, VirtualBox simulates inserting a CD into the simulated optical drive of the VM.
  2. If you need to eject this, you can either restart the VM or click on Devices >> optical drives >> eject.


If you didn't add a Windows shared folder into the "configuration" menu of the VirtualBox graphical interface[2], you can do it in Command Prompt with: VBoxManage sharedfolder add "VMName" --name "SharedName" --hostpath "C:\Users\Public\Documents\SharedFolderPath".

Linux guest edit

The Guest Additions CD should be read from the guest OS like this[3]:

  1. sudo mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom
  2. cd /media/cdrom
  3. sudo ./

Then, just mount the Windows folder from Linux[4]: mkdir ~/vboxshare sudo mount -t vboxsf SharedName ~/vboxshare

That's it, you can browse your Windows files: ls ~/vboxshare

References edit